Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Online Help

Every project or live system has its own online helping system

We have both Smart Answering Machine & Human Operator to give a fast & satisfying online help.

At first there is a smart answering machine which is based on Word & Data Mining & tries to answer any predictable help request. But on customer demand, a human operator is also available. He/She can help customers via Online Chat or an Offline Ticketing System.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VAS?

VAS (Value Added Services) is offering some services to the customers of a regular service to make it more valuable. In our case people use their mobile sets to talk or text to other people. But for example if he/she can see the latest news via his/her mobile set (actually via the mobile operator such as MTN Irancell, MCI or Rightel) it would be a value which is added. This is Value Added Service or VAS.

Can I earn money via VAS?

Betavas would like to help individual persons to get in VAS business. In this way, you can create/prepare your own content or service & without considering on technical issues, make your own VAS business by using of our technical & consulting help.