Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Negar Application

Negar application Creating a permanent dream

Today we see that the presence of applications gradually expands and becomes stronger and as time goes by affects our quality of life style. The appearance of this phenomenon in photography and filming industry and also event services in the near future is predictable. Considering the huge amount of softwares and applications, it can be assumed that moving in this direction is counted as a step forward. However, depending on what time we join this field, we can be among the "pioneers " or "losers" of this revolution.
NEGAR application is an entertainment-based software relying on advanced artificial intelligence that is developed by (BETAVAS) company for both ANDROID and IOS operating systems.
NEGAR App is designed to be presented to the photography and filming studios. This feature is capable to provide customers with innovative, creative and unique services.

How does NEGAR App work?

with use of artificial intelligence, In the first step, NEGAR App, is able to analyse and recognize a printed image through various and complicated procedures. So the picture is being considered as unique as a "fingerprint". After that, the application is able to opperate the desired changes or graphical enhancements or playing a certain video.
For example, in order to understand this magical experience watch the sample video.